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Friday, March 18, 2011

hurrah. Friday. yet again....

gawd, i wish everyday could be Friday... or every third day... then it would always be the weekend.

boot camp- class was super full again. thus, i was annoyed, especially because I had to park so far away, so there is very, very limited parking space.

work- blah. that is all

-Ive been making hair bows like crazy in preparation for the flea market/craft sale/gig next Saturday at The Mead Hall
-I am babysitting cherry all week... shes my sunshine on a cloudy day
-this weekend looks to be promising, and go something like this: gig tonight; homemade waffles for breakfast antique sale tomorrow during the day; martinis with girlfriends in the evening; toy and comic show on Sunday; sleep. sleep. sleep
- went to the gym, sweat up a storm! and ran 3 miles.
- still dreaming of a dream job... or trying to think of one to dream about anyway... or a dream life. one day... maybe... if I'm lucky said unknown dreams will come true.

for now... it goes something like this. wake up. drive to work. work. work. work. more work. drive home. work out. eat dinner. shower. jersey shore. sleep.... or on the weekends.... sleep. sleep. work out. eat. take in a site or two. eat. watch shitty TV. wash my hair. maybe go out. but probably sleep.

life as I know it.

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