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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank goodness the week is half way through. How sad it is to always be wishing time away... and so, again, I need to think of something more worth while to be doing with my time and days.

On another note, I had boot camp last night as usual. And a hard boot camp it was!! Although, I was somewhat annoyed by the amount of people at the class. Well, as far I was informed, only 14 people could sign up for a class... and there was definitely more than 14 people last night, in fact there was something like 21 people... in a not so very large space!! Well, as one tries to only focus on ones self, it does get a little hard when you cant move properly or execute your exercises properly due to the lack of equipment and over abundance of bodies in a small space.
Point in case: there was not enough mats for everyone to use; as the floor is hard and rather dirty, it makes it quite awkward and difficult to do the exercise. I was sharing a mat with my friend, however we both could not avoid touching the dirty floor and straining to keep our head/hair from touching the dirt as well. Further, another couple sharing a mat, placed their mat not so far from our own and this resulted in me and a clueless girl hitting each others arms/hands. As this girl seemed to not care or notice she was invading my personal space, she made no effort to adjust so as to not hit me. And so I made my partner getup so I could move the mat further away from said obnoxious girl, who by the way doesn't wear a sports bra, but rather a lacy purple bra... yet has to hold her chest when doing vigorous jumping/moving exercises... yes, some people are just daft I suppose.
So, yes the workout was good, but the atmosphere was annoying and bothersome.

anyways...back to my tedious, dull, unrewarding work.

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