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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

lets brainstorm!! but brainstorm what, you may ask? well... jobs!! fun, lovely jobs, one would get enjoyment out of... one such as me... who is still young enough to embark on new journeys in the job world... and who loathes each and every current day, at a job which is unrewarding,where one is unexpected, unfairly treated, and talked down to... the woes of life and jobs!

well, thus far I have:
- antique collector and dealer...well, seller, not so much a dealer...
-professional blogger... if I could figure out how to do it much better than said blog
- pet sitter... although I would need a large supplies of allergy medication... as, well, I am slightly allergic to cats and dogs.
- personal shopper... but how does one become a personal shopper, I'd like to know!

that's all i can think of right now... Im sure more will come to me...
suggestions, ideas, job offerings are all welcomed!!


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