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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday!! Thank God you are here! But you seem to be dragging on a little bit. Hurry up and get to 4:30! so I can leave the dreadful place and rejoice!

Honestly... who else dislikes there job? I'm sure a lot of you... but I'm also sure a lot of you get to interact with real human beings... or get to leave work for a few brief minute throughout the day... or have regular conversations with coworkers and employers... and also don't sit for 8 1/2 hours under disgusting fluorescent lighting...or are subjected to tedious, embarrassing tasks which make you feel less intelligent...or annoying... or anything negative... but I guess thats what I get paid for, right?

Well, what has the weekend got in store for me this time around, you wonder?
Bootcamp tonight, which will be good, cuase Im really sore from my workout last night. A date...although Im not sure what we are doing yet, as I have not been informed.
The Flea Market is tomorrow, so I have to get to the club early... ugh... not looking forward to spending even more time at this place... but I am looking forward to see how it all turns out!! And I hope people buy some bows and flowers!
And finally, Sunday... peaceful, relaxing sunday, which make consists of brunch, antiquing, movie watching, and errand running.

okay thats all for now... perhaps I will provide you with more entertainment for your monotamous work day later!

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