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Monday, March 28, 2011

Horror Tale from a Sunday afternoon shopping trip... I went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, at Superstore on Calgary Trail. I'm pretty casual about where I leave my cart, where I also usually leave my purse. I always make sure to glance to make sure its still there... along with my purse. I parked my cart and stepped a few feet away to look at some yogurt. I glanced back a few times to check on it... and one of these times, it was gone. Actually gone. Someone had taken my cart, purse and all, while I had my back turned. I frantically looked around in the aisle where I was and the neighbouring ones... for mt cart or a suspicious person holding my purse. Nothing. I couldn't find it. I was freaking out. How stupid was I to leave my purse with my money and credit card in it! I tried calling my mom and boyfriend, to ask what to do, but neither answered. I wanted to cry, I was so upset. I couldn't believe someone actually stole my cart and my purse, in a matter of seconds, really, while I had my back turned. I paced up and down the aisle, frantically... and there it was, almost on the other side of the store...my cart! And my purse, with absolutely nothing taken from it. I just stood there for a few minutes, as the shock very slowly wore off. My heart was beating like mad and i was practically shaking. I was so terrified someone had taken my purse. I would have had no money, id, credit card, bank card, car keys... Meanwhile, there is a man pacing up and down the aisle, who obviously saw me find my cart. He comes up to me and says someone just took his cart!! I told him someone had also taken mine, and I had just found it, but nothing was missing. I told him to start looking all around the store, as I had found mine a good distance from my starting place. This then makes me think someone was doing this because they thought it was funny. Why else steal someones cart but not take anything from the purse in plain view? I tried to finish up my shopping but was too upset to concentrate so just paid and left. Who ever did that is a horrible human being. It is in no way funny and ruined a perfectly fine shopping trip; it left me shaken for the rest of the day. Never will I leave my purse, or cart, or anything unattended. I'm usually very trusting of people and human nature... but now I realize most people are just complete scum and total assholes.

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