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Thursday, March 24, 2011

*a few of my favorite things*

Well, its almost quit'en time... and what better way to wrap up the day then to cheer you ( and myself ) up with some of my favorite things?!

1. Cupcakes...of course!!

2. Puppies. squeee I love puppies so bad... and piglets

3. New makeup! what girl doesn't love new makeup
4. Pretty much anything from Lush

5. Shoes. oh how I love shoes!!!

6. Cuddles, bubble baths, baking and other warm, gooey things

7. Classic Cars

8. Las Vegas

9. Martinis

10. Social Distortion. I could listen to them forever

11. Sleeping in and days off... coveted days off, away from my dungeon

12.Betsey Johnson

13. Jersey Shore... oh yah, that's right, I love, love, love Jersey Shore. Its so funny!! Those people are real... and so unintelligent.
14. Hello Kitty... I am currently in love with Hello Kitty... just out of the blue, I decided I was in love...seriously google image search hello kitty stuff... like hello kitty hotel; hello kitty love hotel; bondage hello kitty; hello kitty land; hello kitty appliances;hello kitty anything and everything!!
15. Vintage Furniture... thus the new blog soon to come... I am suddenly also very in love with vintage furniture and house wares... well maybe not so suddenly, but just more deeply in love with it

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