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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Body and Soul

I think my body is starting to work against me... its getting oh so hard to work out this week. I started off on Monday with a very eager workout, which included 60 reps of 7 different exercises, mostly strength, and added on about 15 minutes of core and bum.... and now on day 4, I'm tired... and just want to sleep all day and all night... but damn work... and boot camp... is getting in the way of said dreamy sleep. And just when you think, ahhh, the weekend... Ive decided to book a personal training session for Saturday, at 11, which gives me minimal sleeping in time. Good thing I'm going for a manicure tomorrow, compliments of my very nice boyfriend.

Anyways... I managed to stop in Lush yesterday and replenish my soul with natural, fresh, enviro-conscious items... many items actually... and now my apartment and myself smell delicious.

and to finish for now... office move count down- t minus 5 days ( although I get to go move some stuff in tomorrow, but don't actually get to go there for real until next week)

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