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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

my last day of my one month of unlimited boot camp was last night... which makes it how many days...? I don't know... haha

I start my three months of boot camp tonight... but its only twice a week... so Ill have to get some more gym and yoga time in!! I think my chocolate addiction counter acts my working out... although I haven't been eating as much chocolate in the last while... so really I don't know how to explain the lack of losing weight... but at least my heart is healthy... right?

well, whats a gal to do? Listen to Madonna and eat couscous... I think so.

hmmm... well, I really do think its time to spice things up, as they have been getting a little drab lately... but this damn cold weather is holding me back a bit... how can one enjoy a nice refreshing cocktail on the patio, when the patio is covered in snow?! its impossible!

How about I share some links with you, so you can distract yourself from other important things you should be doing!

http://www.femmemetale.com/ very pretty jewelry, for guys and gals!

http://www.happytreefriends.com/ if you haven't watched these oh so adorable forest animals in their daily mis-adventures yet, boy are you missing out!

http://www.modcloth.com/ cute spring clothes?! yes please!

http://killer-cosmetics.com/ to die for vegan, mineral makeup!! tee hee

http://shop.barefootvenus.com/ this stuff is amazing!!! luscious, creamy, silky, oh so close to natural as it gets, lotions, potions and more

http://www.edmontonhumanesociety.com/ looking for a new friend and companion! look no more! oh so cute, real animals, to adopt!

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