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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, Monday

Well, dear readers, Monday is upon us yet again, and that means I have plenty to tell about my weekend...

Friday.... I went out with two lovely ladies, Stephanie and Amber to various bars. We, of course, convened at my flat, where we drank and I got ready....Then off we went to Red Square vodka bar, which was unimpressive at best... We did however order a lovely drink, which came with a pickle in it. It was vodka and soda, very refreshing. Next we went to Devlin's, where we sat on their gorgeous back patio. I was not even aware said patio existed, but it has become my favorite patio in Edmonton, which isn't saying much, because, well, Edmonton lacks a little lustre, especially when it comes to patios. After two very large and delicious martinis, I believe we went to Filthys for a drink, maybe two, and then we skipped on down to...Lucky 13, yes that's right, I went to Lucky 13. There was a ridiculous $6 cover charge and the entire place was filled with douchy 18 year olds....well, none the less, we danced and giggled, and left sometime, I don't know when....Over all, it was a fantastic evening, with some fantastic gals.

Saturday morning, you better believe I slept in! While trying to ignore/fight my hangover, it was off to the Farmers Market with dear Ceileigh, and then to the French Meadow Bakery for lunch on the patio. A lovey afternoon, indeed. I then went to Ikea, to get some further decor for my newly decorated flat and I picked up an ipod dock, as my dickhead ex took the one we had in out flat when he moved out, and so I have been without an ipod dock for 3 months or so, now....but not any more.
Well, just as I was about to call it a night Ceileigh rang and asked if I would like to go for a drink. Well, of course I would! So in less than half an hour I was dressed and out the door. We went to a new bar on Whyte ave, called The Pour House, which I quite liked. The manager...or owner... even bought us shots. I will definitely be returning! Then we went to Devlin's for a quick martini, and to Filthys for some vodka sprites, where Ceileigh was awkwardly hit on, and we awkwardly tried to ignore him. Around 2 o'clock we made our way home, and i snuggled into my big empty bed, for a lovely sleep.

Sunday, was a gorgeous day, filled with sunshine and driving. I went to my parents house, which is a good hours drive, but was rewarded with another drive, but this time in my classic truck, which I do not know how to drive, so my dad drove it instead. Well around 7, I headed home, for date which sadly did not take place... Well, again just as I was about to go to bed, Ceileigh rang and asked if I would like to accompany her to DV8 for watch her cousin's band play, so I got dressed, and met her for a cheap beer and obnoxious music....and so....we left and had a delightful fruity beer on the Wunderbar patio. We then parted our separate ways, and off to bed once again it was for me...

And now, it is Monday, and I have one hour of work to go! And then I have a date! Mmmm, I love dates! A date of which I will give details tomorrow

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