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Thursday, June 3, 2010


hmmm, another post about how confusing boys are...you bet!

Why, oh why are they so confusing...and strange...and are dickheads...?

So many guys are liars and cheaters, and most of them don't feel any guilt or remorse about it....like its natural.... okay so maybe for caveman it was natural, but shouldn't have natural selection and all that bullshit got rid of that gene...? Well, no because men have always cheated.Why cant one girl be enough, even if that girl is a total bombshell, she's still not enough...

What is going on?

Then there are just guys who are strange, and well you cant explain that really. Or they say one thing and then something totally different. Or say and do completely opposite things...
I know you ladies all know what I mean...

And finally, guys are total dickheads. Plain and simple. Yes maybe some of them are nice, or every once and while your guy will do sweet or whatever but blah blah blah
In the end they are dickheads.

Okay, yes I know women are complicated too, but the thing is, I am a women so I understand myself...for the most part, so I don't suppose I'm going to complain about myself!!


  1. They only do the sweet things to keep you coming back after they know they've been total assholes and they've done something wrong and you've reached your wit's end. For serious!