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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunshine and Cadillacs

Its a sunny Tuesday morning, and I will be stuck inside all day, missing out on the sunshine and heat...

I'm heading off to Vancouver on Saturday with Miss Marissa and Ceileigh. I just checked the weather there, and it doesn't look that great...but who knows what will happen in 4 days...
Either way, it will be a lovely time. Any time out of Edmonton is a lovely time!

Nothing new or exciting to report...
I made a couple different fasinators for Amber's wedding ( fasinators= hair accessories). They match my dress...that's how i planned it. Now i just need to decide what I like best, or what looks best; although I may make a couple more, just to make sure. And then I need to get black gloves, and if I'm lucky, new high heels.... oh, and her wedding gift!!
These next few weeks are going to busy... but full of fun, and cute dresses, dancing, drinking, and lovely, lovely friends!
I finally get to see my best friend, who I haven't seen in maybe a year!! I can not wait!! And I will have no dickhead boyfriend with me choosing everything we do, or causing a drunken scene, or making me embarrassed to be with him... no, just me and my gal pals, no boys tying us down! Oh what fun we shall have!!

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