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Monday, June 28, 2010

This has been your weekend update

Well I suppose you are wondering how my weekend was...

Friday... I went out with some girlfriends. We were meeting at the Black Dog and I got there before them, and in less than five minutes some guys comes up to me to ask if I'm there with anyone... umm f course i am, i don't go to the bar alone. None the less he said if my friend didn't show up, I could join him upstairs... right Ill be sure to do that... My friends did come! and we had a few drinks on the patio. And that same guy buys me a shot, well thank you, I will take your shot, but that's about it... On wards we went to the Pawn Shop, where we missed the band I had wanted to see, so we went to Filthys for more lovely drinking...

Saturday I made myself get up at 10, even though I so did not want tom but it was nice out, and I really wanted to go to the farmers market. So i put on a cute dress and made my way, all 2 blocks, to the farmers market where I got green onion cakes... so delicious. I then wondered around pointlessly for a bit, and went to Wunderbar for a date...which was not very successful, and rather awkward at the end. Needless to say, there will not be a second date. I then went to Fat Franks and got a veggie dog, then got ready for the show at the Mead Hall. The other boy, whom I had been on numerous dates with, picked me up, and off we sped, to the bar. Well, the show wasn't as successful as I had hoped, but I drank for free and had a good time anyway. I even won something from the raffle I was doing! Well, we left around 2, for some snuggles at my flat.

8:30 Sunday morning, I am woken by the lovely ring of my phone.... not impressed!
But because it was someone calling about buying my classic truck, I let it slide... Despite getting about 4 hours of sleep, and being very hungover, I got up, got ready, went for breakfast and then drove to my parents house. I cleaned her up a bit, and my 53 GMC shone like a beauty. Well... i suppose I cant call her mine anymore because... I sold it!! Oh happy day! I then spent the rest of the day: washing my other truck, getting a sunburn, lounging on the deck, eating dinner, driving back home, washing my hair, and going to bed early.

And now it is Monday at 11:15 and Ive already had a long nap, because I am just so tired!! But why? I went to bed early!! Oh body, please stop being tired!
Well, this week I intend of organizing the giant closet in my apartment, packing for Vancouver and maybe, just maybe, do a bit of shopping!

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