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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To do....

Well its Wednesday once again, and that means the week is halfway done, and I feel like there are so many things I need to get done before Saturday, when I got o Vancouver...
such as get sunscreen!!! oh so bad!!
i also need to get my legs waxed! and pack, and do laundry...and... pay bills, which also means go to the bank.
I need to get a wedding gift still! and figure out where the hell I'm gonna stay once I get good and wasted at the wedding!

what else, what else...?
clean my whole place! not fun at all! although one thing, well there are many things, which I enjoy about being single, is being messy if I want..or not messy if I don't want... I have no one to impress but myself... so nice, indeed.

I am also very tired today, even though I went to bed early....maybe its because I know I have things to get done...but instead have to sit in my dingy office and do nothing for 8 hours of the day. oh man, whats a gal to do?
I just want to party... but I gots no one to party with! What is happening to me!!?

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