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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goals Revisited

Do you recall faithful readers, not too long ago I made some goals in which to provide my life with direction....
I think its time to revisit said goals and see if Miss Lemon has accomplished anything indeed...

First was spend less, save more...do I even need to comment...no? But I will
I have accomplished nothing on this goal...but the complete opposite...spend more, save less, but oh look at all the pretty things I have to show for it... a new couch, an antique vanity, new sheets and bed spread, new shoes and dresses....so can i complain really? There's still time for me to find a rich man to take care of me....

Moving on.... sleep more.... hmmm....no I don't think this goal has been accomplished either... I did however go to bed early for the past two nights, but stayed up until 6 am Saturday... and similar times various other nights...

My last goal was kind of a group of goals... putting effort into making new friends: well I believe I have worked well on this goal! gold star there!
Put more effort into being happy... well Id like to think I am a very happy camper as of late and often find myself giggling to myself...that's two gold stars!
Put more effort into being active...well...i have been very active in one particular way as of late *tee hee*, but seriously, kickball is being active, and I am going to yoga on Thursday and plan on dancing this weekend, both which are being active...so that makes it three gold stars.
And finally...drink less! Well considering how much I was drinking pre Vegas, I think I have majorly accomplished this goal, as I no longer am buying 4 bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka once a week. No, in fact I still have almost 2 full bottles of vodka from Vegas still! I think I deserve double gold stars for this one...so that makes it...5 gold stars for me!

Well Miss Lemon, once we get the spending under control, and induce some sleep, I think we will be right on track, and well due for another vacation, what do you think?

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