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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kisses for All

Hmmmm Monday...nothing too exciting...

I got asked on a date for Wednesday, that's pretty exciting, i think anyway... and Ill have to decide what I'm gonna wear soon, so I can make sure I look cute as a button.

Also, I dyed a pair of shoes, which were white and now are blue...and i got some nautical patches to put on them. I have to wait until they dry and then we will see if i wasted $15 or not!!

Oh i cooked myself dinner, a delicious dinner at that! Aubergine Parmigiana... gold star worthy indeed...although I accidentally put breadcrumbs on top because for some reason I thought it was Parmesan, but it turned out just fine!

I also had my second attempt at making a Bloody Mary... I forgot to put the lemon in the shaker...so I just put it in the bottom of the glass and stirred it up good with the celery stick, and viola! Bloody Mary was saved.

You know, Monday was rather uneventful...but what can you expect from Monday, really?
Alto ugh I feel like I am forgetting something rather important or entertaining.... but i just don't know what it is.... because I already told you about my date, and well maybe I played it a bit cool earlier, but I'm actually so excited! I love going on dates!!!
Well...maybe later Ill figure it out...

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