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Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Update

The weekend has come and gone, and sad Monday is now upon us...

Well here is my weekend recap:

Friday I had a sleepover with my mom and nephew, nothing too exciting there. My nephew however did ask me "Natasha wheres you dad?" As my mom tried to explain to him that my dad is his granddad he protested and repeated "Wheres you dad. Papa (which is what he calls my dad, his grandfather) is not you dad" And the only reasonable explanation for his protesting and not knowing that my dad is his grandfather, is that he thought my ex, who was 16 years my senior, was my dad... a very reasonable explanation, and foreseeable conclusion.

Saturday we took my nephew to the Stony Plain Fair, where, after my mom gave him cotton candy, he them threw up on himself, and then it was time to go.

Later, I went to the antique mall to buy the most perfect vanity set, the last missing piece in the redecorating of my bedroom. It is a $125 piece of heaven! And was quite awkward to carry myself, and well, as I have yet to procure that big, strong man, I yet again struggled through it myself, but it was well worth it.

I then got all dolled up, and wore mt gorgeous Betsy Johnson necklace, the one I got in Vegas, for the first time. It made me feel like a million bucks! My girlfriend Lori picked me up and we met some other ladies at Devlin's on Whyte ave for martini's. I had a 'Thai Smile' a lychee flavoured martini, 3oz for just $12.50, and a Long Island Ice tea, one of my favorite cocktails. We then skipped over to Filthys for some cheap drinks, a mediocre pizza, and a deep fried mars bar- yah, that's right, deep fried, and I will never have it again! After a few drinks there, we went to Hudson's... not my scene, but my dear friend Lori wanted to go there to see some co workers. It was an alright time, only made better, when an adorable, nerdy boy came up to me and said "These two look like they want to be alone ( Lori and her coworker) you need to come dance with me!" Well, well, what have we here?! So I went and danced with him, partly because I was drunk and partly because that was the best thing anyone has said to me to get me to dance with them! Well played. Shortly after, I scurried home, only to be picked up by a very cute boy, the same cute boy I may have mentioned a few times before. We drank lucky...? and cuddled all night and morning. Have I mentioned how much I love cuddles...? We actually stayed up talking until 6ish, and only slept until 10:30!! wtf? After a few last cuddles, he drove me home, and I even got a kiss goodbye.
I threw myself in the shower, and got myself ready for stroll down Whyte ave, where I ended up at Rowena, for their basement sale. With my grocery money in hand, I bought a pair of shoes Ive been dying for, and a very cute dress. Feeling a little guilty and very hungry I headed home, where I had the brilliant idea of making Bloody Marys! So off to the store I went for Tomato Juice, Tabasco sauce, fresh lemons, celery and vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, which of course they did not have. The vodka, of course, I already had. I busted out my cocktail shaker, and made one hell of a Bloody Mary! And then I took a nap... I made myself get up around 7:30, did a few things, like tidy up, organize, whatever, and then put myself back to bed, at 9:00. Despite how tired I was and taking melatonin, I had an un-restful sleep and kept waking up. Finally sometime after midnight, I went to actual sleep, only to be rude fully awoken by my horrible alarm clock at 7 this morning. And here we are now...Monday mooring, the sky filled with gloom and threatening rain.

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  1. Ha! i laughed really hard at the first part of this post :)