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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Date Night

I'm sure everyone is dying to hear about my date last night...but I'm going to save the best for last...

It is raining again...why? why does it have to rain all the time...? Do you know what its like for a girl whose hair goes to shit in the rain? Its just awful!

Moving on to happier and non rainy things.... yesterday I found the most perfect purple pillows for my lovely couch! Now I just need purple curtains, my date suggested I look on eBay... well done date, I will do that just as soon as I'm done blogging!
I also got another pair of shoes... I know, I shouldn't be buying more shoes, but they were just so darn cute I had to! Yes, I had to!

I'm watching Cherry again today, and she is acting very peculiar. Usually she just sits/lays for the entire day, but not today, no, today she keeps wondering around me, and sneaking up on me, but she doesn't want to be petted...and I already gave her food, water, and a shit load of treats, I even tried picking her up, because, you know, maybe she wanted to hang out on my lap....but she protested and I put her down... strange, strange puppy.

And yes, yet again I am insanely tired, so tired I'm almost falling asleep right now and am having a very hard time focusing my eyes... So i guess this is where I get to the best part... my date!

Well of course, I had to wear my new shoes, which happen to be awfully high, but I had confidence I wouldn't fall, and... I didn't!! Thank god! And I did my hair all pretty and wore a black dress...which isn't saying much, because I always wear a black dress....
Well he picked me up and let me choose the restaurant, so I chose, The Blue Plate dinner, downtown, on 104st and Jasper Ave. I absolutely love The Blue Plate Dinner. Its a bit eclectic, a smidgen cute and a touch romantic...? And they have amazing food, both vegetarian and non, and not to mention the best Long Island Ice tea I have had to date!
Well about 10 minutes after we ordered, our food came! So efficient! And we chatted and laughed and had a jolly time! But really, we did! Now I wasn't expecting my date to pay...honestly, I came prepared with money! Because I'm trying to not be one of those girls who expects everything to be paid for them...as my ex conditioned me to believe, but I'm fighting back! Well he paid, no questions asked. Then we went back to my place for some...Vodka! and we watched a film. An independent french film...about orgasms, hypnosis, and... I don't even know, it was strange, and I cant recall the name of it. Well, the movie ended and the making out began... oh making out, how Ive missed you! Well, to say the least the night ended on a pleasant note.

And, well, because I stayed up so darn late...only until like 1 o'clock and woke up at 5:45, I am so unbearably tired, but because I had so much time to get ready, I look rather cute today!

Well tonight, I was suppose to go to yoga but that's not happening anymore, which I suppose is a good thing, so I can fit a nap in before getting-ready-to-go-out time begins, as myself, Ceileigh and our lovely friend from Vancouver, Miss Stephanie E, are going out drinking and dancing to celebrate being adults with degrees!

And right now I am eating mini rice cakes like its no bodies business....but why? They are so addictive.... maybe I have an addictive personality... rice cakes. shopping. blogging. shoes.... no, I know I don't have an addictive personality, I'm sure I wont do any shopping today...besides replenishing some vitamins, but that doesn't count, right?

Well, I need a nap... I have to sleep on my desk and its horribly uncomfortable, but I'm too tired to care....


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