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Friday, June 4, 2010

Beauty is Pain/Pain is Beauty

I get waxed on a regular basis...which means once a month....so on Wednesday, because it was pay day, and well, I was due... I went and got my legs waxed, and now they are so silky smooth...and I got a brazilian, which doesn't really need to be discussed...

I usually get my underarms done as well, however I have now been taking that task on, myself...
Perhaps you have never waxed your own arm pits before...it is a slightly difficult and awkward feat...but it has to be done

Last night was my second attempt. While it is almost easy to do the left side, because I am right handed...it is much more difficult to do the right side. While I can get almost everything in one...tear, swipe...swift motion, on the left side, it takes 10+ tries on the right, and still leaves hair behind...
Well the whole point of me telling this...somewhat personal...tale, is that my dear friend Ceileigh has asked what kind of wax I use, and so I wanted to educate everyone on that fact.
The wax I used these two times has been: Nair, Au Naturel Milk and Honey Roll On Wax

You just pop it into the microwave for 15 seconds, literally roll it on ( it has a roll on applicator), apply wax strip, rub, and then rip it off!! and viola! hair and fancy free.

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  1. Where can I purchase Nair, Au Naturel Milk & Honey roll on wax? I live in NJ and have been unable to find this product anywhere. julie928@aol.com