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Friday, June 11, 2010

The most lovely day of all-Friday

Oh Friday, here at last...it makes my morning just that extra sunny knowing I do not have to work tomorrow...or even get out of bed if I don't want to, although I'm sure I will, because it is finally going to be nice out!

Last night, after work, I promptly drove home, and made some fantastic pasta. As of recent, I have been actually using one of my lovely vegetarian cook books, which usually just look so colourful and bright on the shelf...but now are being used for just more than decoration...

I had penne, with a tomato, cream, vodka sauce! How fitting! So with about...11 teaspoons of vodka, it was very tasty indeed. As was my extra strong Bloody Mary...so the theme, then, was Vodka...but when isn't that the theme?

Well, I zipped myself into my favorite skirt, slipped on some sexy heels and teetered all the way down to the Empress to meet my lovely girlfriends for celebration beers, and cocktails, and shots...A handful of us then went to the Blackdog, where we sat on the very cold patio...I happened to be wearing the least amount of cold, and seemed to have no say in where we sat...I then got mildly drunk...as I don't seem to recall walking home...although I know I did, because I woke up in my bed this morning and even remembered to set my alarm clock!

I happen to feel not so bad this morning, rather tired, but that's to be expected.
I also forgot that I should have cleaned my house, as I am having numerous guests over tonight. I realized this as I was peeing, and noted that my lovely hair was all over the bathroom floor...hmmm....I need to sweep....

Tonight, I am having a clothing swap, which hopes to be exciting...if everyone brings clothes...as I have feeling a few ladies may not...but there will be alcohol none the less, which always is a good time...well, usually. And then, perhaps off to New City...or bed...? I hope not bed...its Friday, not bed-day!

Have a fantastic weekend, and hopefully I will be seeing some of you later


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