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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time for Lemonade!

Yesterday I finally took my winter tires off my truck, and put my summer ones on. I believe it is safe to say that summer is here, and hopefully it will not snow again for a few months, at least. And while waiting for my tires to be changed, baby cherry and I went for a walk to Fat Franks and got ourselves a delicious veggie dog. Then we went to Top Gear and looked a Vespa, which potentially could be mine... but I seem to remember, and I'm sure you do too, that I'm suppose to be saving money...yet this particular money was meant for the purchase of a lovely Vespa... so...we will see what happens... I mean, I still need to learn to drive a scooter!

We hurried home, cherries owner came, and I changed for kickball...the last game of the season! And the best!! It was so nice out, and we won!!! 16-10! oh yea!! Although, I don't know how much of an asset I was to the team... but it was fun/funny nonetheless. And then we went to... Hudson's, yes big surprise! And then it was home for me...to wash my hair and fold my laundry... what fun times indeed....
That about sums up Tuesday, and today... I have yet another date, although I'm sure this one will take place. The horrible part is... I just washed my hair, and freshly washed Miss Lemon hair does not like to co-operate! And I don't know what I should wear! Oh the dilemmas at 10 am on a Wednesday morning!!
As for the rest of the day...the part where I am stuck at work...dreadful, dreadful work... I intend on finishing painting a lovely little bench for my bedroom...and perhaps going fabric shopping...

Well I suppose that is about it... not too exciting... perhaps I may have some juicy tidbits for you tomorrow about my date... or perhaps not....


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