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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Recall my new roommate, Angel... who is a cat... who has also never lived anywhere besides her previous home, that is, until now. She came out from hiding after only 2 days and has since been exploring and causing much noise and ruckus. She likes to jump on and in things... like the counter, the fridge, the book shelf, the kitchen cupboards, the linen closet, my laundry basket, my dresser drawers... you get the picture. She also likes to knock things down and try to open drawers... She also does not like to be pet, unless she says so... or rather, knocks her head against your hand.

She also likes to eat... a lot... and thus, is very fat.
The other night I was drinking some tea... both it and the cat were on the coffee table. Angel smelt the tea and then went wild! It had peppermint in it, which I guess is like catnip! She was rolling all over the table and grabbing at things. I moved a glass that was beside her so she wouldn't knock it over and she attacked me! Then, I split some tea on the couch so she hoped over... as I was trying to clean it up she was growling at me!

She is quite rambunctious... and nosy... but she likes me a little bit more than before... except when I tell her to stop doing something... then she hisses and growls at me

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  1. She is lovely. We have two cats and two dogs and I couldn't live without them.