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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sunshine Daydreams

We're halfway through the week already...and its August! The summer is just flying by and leaving lots of rain in its wake... and very little sunshine. Although, I believe it was nice and sunny for the 8.5 hours I was trapped at work without a break... and it was not so sunny when I finally emerged. Such is life... But I hear this week is suppose to be hot! Here's hoping the sun is still shinning when I get off from work everyday! Unfortunately, I'm not allowed sick days, personal days, or days off... so there will be no poolside chilling for me until the weekend...

Here are some bathing suits I wish I had to wear this weekend at the beach:

1. Betsey Johnson. 2 Vitamin A 3. J Crew 4. Diane Von Furstenburg 5. Shabby Apple

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