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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

weekend update 1

Good Morning! Yesterday was a holiday for us lucky folk in Canada...that's why I'm a day late with my weekend update...

Three days off of work felt like a total escape...and when my alarm clock went off this morning I knew it wasn't really an escape, just a tease of a better way of life...

This weekend was very busy and oh so fun!

Friday night, I went out with some ladies and we drank and danced and had a merry time.

Saturday we finally got a propane tank for the bbq and, you guessed it, we had a bbq!! And I ran errands, la la la, typical.

Sunday I went to the exhibition, Capital Ex, where I ate cotton candy, mini donuts, poutine, chip stix, went on rides, played games...and saw Ace of Base!! Yah, you read right... Ace of Base ( ... except the girls aren't the original members, which kind of sucked)

My friend won me this pig! Its from angry birds... I don't play that game, but that's what the tag said... Anyways, he's havin a beer with us.

the two new girl singers
original member... note the dancers in the hoods... they danced for a few different songs.
They were horrible!! The whole performance felt like it was stuck in the 90's

After the concert we headed home. And on the walk home we passed The Sugar Bowl... where we stopped for a drink and oh so yummy paprika popcorn

Monday was sunny and warm...and so we rode our bicycles to the Heritage Festival! I was so excited to get my bike out and go for a ride and it was even better that it was to the park where the festival was. There were tents from countries all over the world with food and artifacts and performances...and many many people! We got some food from Scandinavia, Greece, Japan and Sweden.

On the bike ride home we decide to go a different way then we came and ended up getting lost! We had to turn around and go back the way we came! But at least we got a lot of exercise!
After many hours in the sun, I decided to make some cookies!! After I was done, I decided it was time to relax, so I popped in Twilight and had some yummy David's Tea.

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