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Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Update 3

Why hello Monday! You just snuck right up on me!Well,its that time again... weekend update!

Friday night I went out with some friends... off to the fringe for some rides and treats.
here we are on the tilt a whirl
all the rides were running on vegetable oil! Its an eco friendly fair!the strawberries we were planning on riding, that is until we saw the carnie running the ride..who was slurring her words and through water at the people on the ride. We decided it was a safer bet not to go on the adorable and oh so fun berry-go-round.

Saturday I ran some errands...one of which included going to the craft store so I could make some lovely earrings both for Etsy and 4 stroke custom culture

These guys are for sale on my Etsy shop... Lolita Lemon
We also went out for lunch and sat in the sunshine on the patio... it was lovely
Saturday night I made jewelry and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic... I honestly could never get sick of that movie

Sunday I went on a date with my bf. We went to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Art Gallery, then went to Padmanadis for dinner... a scrumptious, vegan restaurant, with oodles of delicious food. After dinner we went home and played scrabble...to which I lost horribly...

And that brings us all up to date and back to Monday...which has been quite busy with paper work and updating my etsy shop and blogging and phone conversations and eating yummy leftovers.

oh...if you want to read up some more on the eco friendly rides here is the website. Its called Sustainival... how very clever, don't you think?


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