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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is it me your looking for?

I've been lacking motivation lately... to blog, to work, to wake up... I think I may be stuck in a rut...waiting for things to happen... which seem to be taking quite some time... more time than Id like to give. Whats a gal do to get back on track? I have nothing truly exciting or interesting to blog about... no extraordinary stories or "hey guess what happened to me today" to tell. Instead, my days are always the same.. I get woken up early by the meowing, attention seeking cat, I get dressed and walk to work, I sit for 8.5 hours in an uncomfortably cold office alone, answering the mundane and tedious phone calls and emails, doing mine and whoever elses work, not being rewarded in any what what so ever for my 3 long years of work...no "hey, why not take the day off, have a personal day", no " its been slow today, why dont you take the afternoon off", no " oh, your super duper sick, and can barely get out of bed? well, then, stay home and rest up", no" you work so hard all year, why not take one day off to relax"...nope, nothing like that, in fact, quite the opposite. Oh the jobs we do, because we have to, and if we didn't we would otherwise be broke and homeless... but maybe also happy. To top it off, summer is almost gone...Ive barely had any time to enjoy the sunshine ( ehm... thanks work) and its going to snow before I know it! Also my dear bf is gone for a few days... and then some... but I will just have to try to keep busy working out and making blueberry muffins, cupcakes, cheese cake and loaves ( with the insane amount of blueberries my mom gave me).

Here's hoping that posts will get much more interesting sooner than later. Hope your enjoy the sunshiny day!


  1. oh to win the lottery and live in paradise forever... girls can dream right??

    I do in home daycare so I may get to stay home but i have care for four kids, two of which are not mine.... nothing but screaming kids ALL day.

  2. oh how I would love to win the lottery!!! eee.... im not a fan of children! haha

  3. I saw you at For the Love of Blogs, and I'm your newest follower! Please come check me out, too.

    Your blog is so cute! I love the artwork.