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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week of gloom

Ugh, this week has not been the best...and its still not even over yet... two more grueling days of work await me...Ive been in a little rut...not quite sure what to do but at the same time, having tons of stuff to do. I got some things done, like I mentioned yesterday, I finally posted/ made my new vintage Etsy shop, but I also updated my lolita lemon shop and! took pictures of only a few items of clothes for ebay...from the stack of, oh, maybe 30-40 items! I was going to do more yesterday but I forgot my camera at work!! Ho hum! I was not impressed. It also rained yesterday and was dark and gloomy as soon as I got off work.... but was nice while I was at work. Im sick of this, Mother Nature, do you hear me?!! Give me some sun!!

Also, I am allergic to my new roommate, Angel, the cat. Her hair is all over my bed, which makes me sneeze like a mad women, itch my eyes like crazy, and get all stuff up. She alo lets to scratch at mirrors like crazy and lucky me, I have a full body sized one mounted on the wall in the hallway...which she scratched with fervor at 5 am!!

So, Im tired, Im bored,I haven't worked out very much this week, so I have pent up energy, Im down to my last $8, which I sheepishly stole from my piggy bank, Im sick of double standards, and just want it to be the weekend... but the long weekend or rather for it to stay the weekend forever.

Hows your week going?!

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