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Thursday, December 16, 2010

food for thought

Its a winter wonderland outside! Thank goodness I finally got my winter tires put on! Although I still got stuck in my apartment parking lot this morning! Thanks goodness a kind young man saw me struggling and pushed my poor truck out of the treacherous snow. If only all young men were so kind...I find it puzzling when people can blatantly see you are stuck, yet ignore you and do not offer to help. I find it all the more puzzling when the people or person knows you... thanks neighbour for not helping me this morning. I suppose I will remember that in times to come.
Its funny the way people are. Those who you think are your friends, or at least friendly enough to help you out when your in a tough situations, are the ones who hide, ignore, or back away. While, its the strangers who help you out when you need it. It makes you questions the value of friends and friendships... or who, even, is worth calling a friend. It seems to be not many people are worth that title.

Anyway, moving along... once I got my fantastic tires on yesterday, my day seemed to improve slightly, as I was finally able to get to the grocery store and then home to make dinner for my boyfriend and myself. Mid through preparations, however, I made a horrible mess in the kitchen, when I dropped about 3 cups of sauce onto the floor... and well the whole kitchen. For those who don't know, which is most, I am actually rather clumsy, which is a horrible annoyance. After said mess was cleaned... we ate dinner, then snuggled up to watch a film. Hours later, finally got to bed.. exhausted, but still unable to fall asleep. I then had bizarre dreams, which I can vaguely remember...

Well, its one more snowy day until the weekend. I plan to bumble through this work day, doing some Christmas shopping, laundry, bath, and then bed...


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