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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Simple Things

It was a rather tame weekend for me...

I got much necessary cleaning done. Got my Christmas shopping done. Did tons of laundry. Had a lovely bath. Got some much needed cuddles. And had a very lovely date.

I also purchased some oh so gorgeous, and very pricey boots... which have left me a wee broke, but I have gorgeous footwear to show it off. I met my mother in Browns, intending to buy her boots, and perhaps some for myself... if they weren't too expensive. Well, as it happens , I tired on a few pairs and when I went to put my own boots back on, well, the zipper was broke! And i had no choice but to buy new shoes! And my mother suggested, if i was going to buy a pair I may as well buy the ones I really want, the gorgeous $320 ones- and that's on sale!
Your only young once, right? And money is meant to be spent! So why not?!

Now for my lovely little date on Sunday. We went to duchess for some delicious sweets! Oh so delicious macaroons and lemon tarts. Then we went to the Museum. They have this great exhibition on right now, about wildlife photography. The photographs are amazing. You should definitely check it out. Afterwards we went home for a while and then headed off to the movie theatre to see... Tron. umm hmm. It was good... even though I had never seen the first one and didn't even know what it was about. That was all. Nice and simple. A good date all around.

When one has dated a selfish asshole for so long, dating one who is not seems so strange, especially all the nice, sweet, but simple things you do together, or he does for you, they too seem strange and unfamiliar; which makes everything all the better. I highly recommend you leave that selfish, pathetic, loser you are dating and find your self a nice, caring, sweet guy. You'll be oh so happier

Happy Holidays!!


  1. I hope I find someone sweet like you did, for realz. I still feel so heartbroken sometimes.

    Also, I demand a picture of your boots!

  2. yah, i had to dig through alot of garbage to find my gem.. tee hee
    patience is key... and not setteling...

    good idea, i will post a picture of my fabulous boots!