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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome Back

Play time is over and its back to the daily grind. After five amazing days off... and a pathetic excuse for a 'holiday', i am back to work!

Here is what occurred during said 5 days off:

Wed night: I had a date with my boyfriend which consisted of the following: dinner at my place, then to the Garneau to see Black Swan ( go see it, so creepy and so good), then off the the Next Act for some drinks.

Thursday: no work!! I slept in, then went to the mall to drag my nephew around with me as I did last minute shopping. Then got some groceries at the hectic supermarket, and finally was off to my boyfriends, where he was making me dinner!!

Friday: Christmas eve. I slept in... its oh so nice to sleep in. Then made a chocolate cheesecake to bring to my parents, and then made the long and boring drive to their house in the middle of nowhere. Pizza and wii and then bed.

Saturday: Christmas Day!!! Many gifts were opened! I got a shit load of new kitchen appliances, etc. Like: a food processor, a mixer, a popcorn machine, a citrus juicer, new knives, pots and pans.... and some other fun stuff too. I then lounged for some time, we had some family visitors, and then dinner. And then... the drive back home... after i packed my truck full with my new possessions. Thankfully my boyfriend was waiting for me at home to help carry everything up the three flights of stairs to my apartment. Then we exchanged gifts!! He got me a pink ukulele!!! eeeeee!!! I wanted one so bad! And didn't think at all he would get me one!! Now! to learn to play it!! Its so cute! And I'm going to be such a bad ass when I learnt o play it! Oh yah!!!

Sunday: a wee bit of boxing day shopping. Then i made a Christmas dinner for my boyfriend and I. I attempted to make a tofurkey... it was disgusting! I couldn't even eat it. bleck.

Monday: my last day off... and a lazy one at that. We left the house briefly around 430 to go to chapters and get hot chocolate. We also bought Jenga! And of course we played to the death! I won- 4 times in a row!! ummm hmm. jenga champion.

And now... Tuesday: back to work. boring work, with nothing to do. ho hum

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