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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years is Upon Us

Its New Years Eve tomorrow night and I still have no idea what I'm doing!! There's a party at the starlight room which attracts my interest, however the crowd who may be there is a turn off. So what else to do?
My boyfriend wants to take me to see the fireworks cause I haven't been before, on new years eve that is, Ive obviously seen fireworks, and he promises these ones are really good.... we will see about that...

Ive even got a cute new dress to wear! eeerrr, i had better not end up on the couch come midnight!

In other news, this week has gone by oh so briskly!! Ive been keeping myself bust at work with social networking... ahh, the Internet...
I'm booking shows at The Mead Hall and as such all of my readers should attend! 10940 166 a street.

The next one in on Jan 14 and my very best friend ever will be in town and will be there with me!! I'm pumped. There will be tons of alcohol, giggling, gossip and rockin bands. yeehaw!

Next one is Feb 4,which is going to be amazing! Ive got 4 really rad bands lined up! It my be my best show to date!

Further... as is the tradition with new years, I plan to make some resolutions. Although I have never done so before, this past year has been a challenging and provided much learning and growing, and I wish to continue with growing and better my self... and so resolutions will be made and revealed next week

Oh, I also went to the gym last night with my boyfriend. It was nice. And now I am sore.

Have a great day!

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