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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

so long, farewell....

Last night I took out my nape piercing, after 5 long years together, it was time to part ways...
It was getting uncomfortable and a wee bit painful... no need to have any more pain or discomfort in life than need be... so I made the difficult choice to take it out... I hate taking out piercings, but sometimes you just got to.


  1. Awww, sad! I hate taking out my piercings. I had to take out my lip piercings before I came to Korea. I might get my lip re-pierced when I get back.

  2. its sad sad... i try to hold on as long as I can... i got that one when I was at Augustana...and now when i go to touch my neck, i still think it will be there :(

  3. Oh my god, doesn't Augustana feel like it was a million years ago?!

    I always wanted to get my nape pierced, it looks so good. I can imagine it would probably start to reject after a while, though. Is that why you had to take yours out? I remember when my eyebrow piercing rejected, it was sad time city.

  4. it actaully didny reject at all, which i thought was crazy considering how long it was in there for.. i just needed to down size my jewlerly but its pricey... so i just took it out... whateves haha

    augustana feels like ages ago!! its crazy how much ive done since then!