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Monday, January 31, 2011

"monday, monday, can't trust that day..."

here is my weekend recap...

Friday, I went to the mall like I said I would... it was a somewhat successful trip... well, not really, I guess... sometimes shopping makes me sad... cause then I want to shop even more, but I can't... then I went home... oh so tired, and had a bath and went to bed... boring.

Saturday, was my birthday, so my boyfriend made me breakfast and took me out for dinner, see betsey sue's reviews.
Later on Miss Amber came over with cupcakes and prezzies! Then off we went, in the cold, to Devlin's, of course, for yummy cocktails. Then we went to Squires for some dancing, although its a little off putting, when there are very drunk 18yr olds grinding, and being repulsive just a few feet away... and who now and then come up to you and try to "dance" with you and then get offended when you turn them down... yes that's right, drunken mess, I do not want to dance a repulsive slob, whose real intention is try to find someone...anyone... to bring back to moms house to shag...
After some dancing, Amber and I parted ways, and off to New City I went to meet with my boyfriend with a bit before closing time.

Sunday... I slept in to 2:30!!! I never do that! Although I did stay up till almost 6am... and I have been rather tired lately...
Well, the day was obviously shot, so I did some much needed grocery shopping and made dinner for my boyfriend and myself. We then watched the season finale of Bridalplasty... and then a film.. and off to bed some what early...

And now begins the week... tedious week after week... although for the next month or so, I will be doing boot camp again! Hurrah!! Seriously, I'm going to be a working out machine... ? well, you know what I mean!



  1. I'm glad you had a good birthday, lovely!

    Reading your post made me realize that I've never been to New City, which seems odd, considering I had always wanted to go!

    I had to google Bridalplasty to find out what it was, and now I'm slightly horrified... Wouldn't these guys have proposed because they loved their fiancee and also loved the way she looked? It seems weird to get plastic surgery done for a wedding, to change your whole look, and not have your finacee know what you look like until your wedding day. What if he's not attracted to you anymore? I don't understand!

  2. yah its a crazy show!! the girls are so vain! bah haha but its so entertaining!! the girl who won looks completely different, its crazy! but her fiancee thought she was a babe...

    when you get home you will have to go to new city! its moved though, to whyte ave.

  3. Haha, it would be like marrying an entirely different person! That's so weird!

    It moved to Whyte!? No way! We will definitely have to go when I get back!