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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

bootcamp day 1

Boot camp day 1: I started a new boot camp at new body health and wellness. Its a bit different than bikini boot camp... its inside for one thing,men partake, its bit more casual, and the class size is bigger. A lot of the exercises were the same and there was a circuit part which included strength and some cardio. I don't think its as intense as bikini boot camp, but its still a good workout, and left me sore this morning. You don't really get any one on one time with the instructor, and there isn't much time to ask questions about an exercise if you don't understand it, as the class is too quick paced and large.

Im defiantly going to go as many times this month as I can though, and will probably do it again next month. Its nice to be in a group atmosphere, and workout inside!

Ill be heading back tonight, and once more this week as well. Like I said, its time to get in shape!!



  1. Cool! I just joined the gym today.. hopefully shape up a bit!

  2. yay Natasha! yay for extreme forms of exercise! :)

  3. agreed!! im so sore today but its totally worth it!!