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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bootcamp day 2

Last nights boot camp was definitely harder than the first day. The class was smaller too, so I guess the size completely depends on how many people sign up to go on that day. We did a few different circuits, focusing on numerous different body parts. I think every part of me hurts today. Its only an hour, but you can really do so much in that period of time.
I'm getting myself to bed earlier too, which is a bonus, and exercise releases happy endorphins, so Im bound to feel good even if Im hurting!

Im not going to boot camp tonight because Im going to the gym with my boyfriend, but Ill be going again tomorrow.

Im off to lululemon tonight before the gym too! I love getting new work out gear!

Have a lovely day!



  1. i think that's one of the most annoying thing about new workout regimes - how much sleep you need! who wants to go to bed by 9:30 every night? But it's like your body refuses to stay up any later!

  2. i know! last night i stayed up untill 11 and it was a huge struggle and now Im so freakin tired!