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Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Friday Im in Love

"I dont care if Mondays blue
Tuesdays grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I dont care about you
Its Friday Im in love"
The Cure

Friday!!! hmmm, what shall I get up to this weekend?!! Well, tonight its going to be low key...probably go to the mall, maybe get some groceries, do some yoga... cause tomorrow is my birthday, which of course I plan on celebrating. Dinner with my boyfriend, although I don't know where, its a surprise and then martinis with my girlfriends, at Devlin's of course, and then maybe some dancing... who knows!
Sunday, will probably consist of cuddling and maybe some errands... or relaxing... and recuperating...

Im turning 25 and Im not quite sure how I feel about it. I think I should have done more by now... Ive done some things... finished a university degree, lived in another country, travelled, moved out, purchased two cars on my own, paid off one credit card and almost a second, learned the value of true friends/friendship, but nothing too big... like get married, or have a definite and secure career, buy property, or publish any writing ( which is something I really want to do).
But then I tell myself Im still young, and there's more time ahead of me to accomplish the bigger things in life... hopefully.

Well, its almost lunch time here in my dishevelled office... have a great weekend!



  1. You've done more than a lot of people have! I know so many people who got knocked up right out of high school and then got married... and that's it! You're getting to experience life!

  2. this is true... alot of people from my high school got knocked up right away too... but still I feel like I should be married or something already!ah well....