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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

work, day dream, work, nap, day dream....

Good Morning lovelies!

Again, I return to work... boring, lonely, bug infested work... it is above zero outside though, which is always pleasant. I want to go ice skating sometime soon... however, I don't think the weather is going to stay so mild...

Not much to report... I worked out last night! Hurrah! and had a little nap... that's about it... rather boring... much like work, only better because its at my cozy home. Tonight I'm going to the gym with my boyfriend, which I am much looking forward too... active boys are much better than drunken slobs!

What else is on my mind....? I need to get my hair cut... must be get rid of split ends!!! And then but hair extensions, which may be hard to match to my hair colour...as its hard to dye it my colour, but I will do my best, once I have money to do so.Oh, I also need a good curling iron. Recommendations?!

Still dreaming of vacationing... oh viva Las Vegas, how I miss thee... although I heard it was snowing there the other day! That cant be good for business. Also dreaming of Tokyo, which my boyfriend and I decided to go to... in a year or so...and visit Disney Tokyo! I hope this dream does come true!

Back to 'work' I go... which really means dreaming up holidays, researching various things for myself, answering emails- personal and business, answering the tedious telephone, killing the odd bug, and sometimes, just staring at the wall.

Enjoy your day!

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