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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning News

Good Morning Monday!

I had a relaxed weekend.... just like I had prompted. I got some much needed errands done... watched some films ( social network, pirhanna....), slept in, cuddled... you know how it goes.

We went out for dinner on Saturday night... We were going to the Blue Plate Diner, but the wait for 45 minutes :( Sadly, we walked down to the Old spaghetti factory...

I went to my parents yesterday for dinner and birthday celebrations, as I had mentioned on Friday...
I still cant find my camera cord to upload pictures... so the wait continues for pics of my gorgeous new Micheal Kors watch.

Im going to keep myself busy this week by working out and having dates... and cleaning... why does the cleaning never end?! I have to clean my oven... I don't know if its ever been cleaned!! My apartment is not so well-kept... not by me, I keep it well, by in general; its kind of old and I don't think the previous tenants really cared that some things were falling apart ie the black mould in the shower that I got fixed a few months ago. eeck!! Or the fan above the stove... which didn't work and was actually just taped on... I got that fixed recently too!

Anyway... back to work.


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