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Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Morning! Friday has finally arrived!!

I haven't posted very much this week... probably because not a whole lot has been going on

Some things that happened this week:
I bought hair extensions! oh yea, that's right! nice long,pretty hair extensions!
I got my hair cut... an awful, shitty, horrible cut... you can read all about it on my other blog... the one where I review places... umm hmmm. not impressed.
I went to the gym with my boyfriend.
I went to lulu lemon and got some new workout gear. And got new running shoes... runtone...by Reebok... yes, I fell into their trap... hopefully they are as good as they claim!
I went with my mama to pick out my birthday gift... a gorgeous, beautiful Micheal Kors watch, matte black and gold; i will post a picture of it when I get it for real... on Sunday.
I found a new office space, which I will be moving to in a month or so. Yes, a real office, with real filing cabinets, and a real desk, and real everything! I will have to post some pictures of it when its all set up! No more bugs crawling on the walls and on my bag, no more unfinished dry wall, no more cement floors, no more storm trooper!
I watched the new American Idol... not bad... Steven Tyler is a little creepy, but also funny.
I think that's about it.

I haven't got much planned for the weekend. I'm going to get some errands done and chill out with my bf- he doesn't have to work for once. And then off to my parents for some early birthday celebration.

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