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Friday, January 14, 2011

Busy Lemon Bee

Its that time of week again... Friday! Oh how I welcome you with loving and open arms! My week has been so busy... and my weekend looks to be busy as well, just minus the annoying work part!

On Wednesday I went to the gym... as per usual. And i ran three miles! Hurrah! Then I used some machines, and went home to stretch, shower, make dinner, do laundry, tidy up and cuddle. Although I was fighting exhaustion the entire time. I think I pushed myself a little too hard at the gym and then had zero energy left to do everything else, but I had to do everything!
Yesterday, I was still oh so tired! But off to work I went! I ran some errands... I went to the bank, I returned a couple of shirts, I picked up a handful of things at shoppers, I booked a hair appointment ( thanks living social!). At home... I had some waxing to do... umm hmm... I waxed my legs and underarms. Ive got the underarms part down, but the legs are much trickier! After about an hour... I was done... kind of. I then cleaned up my apartment because my best friend ever, Miss Leslee, is staying over tonight. I also made some chocolate chip cookies, watched the new Jersey Shore, had a nice shower which including a good hair washing, and hoped into bed to read a little.

Which brings us to this morning. I'm still tired!! Errr, how do I not be tired?! I'm putting on a gig tonight, which I am excited about. I got five bands to play! And my best friend will be there, which means drinks will be had... plenty of drinks! Feel free to come have drinks with us!

Check it out!


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