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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post New Years weekend

I had a fairly productive weekend... shall we recap?

Friday was, of course, new years eve. I went to new city for the first time since its relocation... I must say, its very nice indeed. We had very cheap, shitty champagne and watched are the strange people enjoy themselves.

Saturday I decided to paint my bathroom. I live in a some what old apartment which has been painted... in ages! That was my Saturday evening.

Sunday I went to the Antique Mall and finally found a retro kitchen table! for oh so cheap!

I had Monday off! How marvellous!! I ran a few errands and went to the other antique mall on gateway blvd; it was fantastic. Its more rustic and filled with so many many treasures! Do go... its a nice way to spend an hour or so. I then decided to clean out my kitchen cupboards, re arrange the kitchen itself and tidy my massive storage closet, which is occupied by many shoes, a bicycle, more shoes, and random pieces of furniture.

I nice, quite weekend... spent with my boyfriend. A good start to the New Year


  1. I love the antique mall on Gateway Boulevard! It's like a museum!

  2. have you been to the 'other' antique mall though? Not the big one every one knows about, but the one just a little bit before the one by united cycle? That one is def like a museum!