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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Workout

Why its Wednesday already!! Have you been working out?! I sure have, why everyday this week!

Now that its officially summer, you have no excuse not to get outside and get a little sweaty! During the week I have my regular daily workout routines... but sometimes on the weekend I falter... I think the trick is to do more fun activities which tricks you into working out

Such things could be:
bike riding, swimming... oh to live near a beach... playing Frisbee or soccer, walking places instead of driving... and you save on gas too! going on a hike or adventure walk. roller blading or roller skating even! Maybe there is a yoga in the park or on the beach where you live. Taking your dog... or the neighbors dog... for a walk or run. Okay, really, you can do almost anything now that its summer! Just remember to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.

Speaking of sunscreen... Sephora has plenty of options, including makeup with sunscreen... just be weary of the ones above spf 50 and say waterproof... they arn't waterproof, I guarantee it, so reapply after getting wet or sweating it off. Back to Sephora... they even sell nice sunscreen sticks with shimmer, mineral makeup with an spf, smudge proof eyeliners, face and body sunscreens... well pretty much everything you need. Oh, and don't think just because it costs $80 its better than the $10 one... so long as it has a high enough spf and uvb/uva protection and your applying it properly you'll be good to go!


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