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Friday, June 24, 2011

Lusiting Over Lately

This weeks Lust Haves...

1.A long weekend... this weekend... oh to be in bed and then spend the day doing useful things...

2. A new tattoo... now if only I had some excess money...

3. This dress!

4. Some new workout clothes... damn lulu lemon are extortionist, but they're clothes are so nice... and I rarely have luck at sport check... suggestions?! I'm in Canada remember....

5. An orange kitten!!! squeeee I want one so bad!


  1. EBAY!! that's where i buy EVERYTHING, mainly cause i hate going shopping lol!!

  2. im always nervous to buy on ebay in case it doesn't fit, i know you can return some stuff but it seems like a hassle... and i love real life shopping!! haha