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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Almost 2 weeks ago I turned 26! Most of the time I don't feel my age or think I even look the part (although I'm not quite certain what 26 is suppose to feel like). I could be completely wrong, but I feel like everyone around me is accomplishing their dreams and goals; they are getting married, dressing fabulous, going on vacations, adventures, and trips around the world, they have successful jobs ( or blogs), they are moving from here to elsewhere, getting houses, condos, big apartments...surely you know what I'm talking about. Meanwhile, I still live in the very first apartment Ive rented, I'm at the same job ( which isn't going to get me anywhere), I'm still living in the same city ( even though I swore after University I would move), marriage is not anywhere in the near future, and well, I'm too busy paying off my credit card to go on any fabulous trips. These things and others are what make me think and feel not my age... but rather someone simply letting the years pass by, while being stuck in every other way at age 22.

So, what gives?! Wheres my big break, huh?! I keep hearing and reading that only 'you' can change your future, create your own destiny, break out of the ordinary into the extraordinary, etc, etc, etc. I guess it is time... to manifest my own destiny... okay... but I'm not even certain I know what my destiny should be- win the lottery, move to Europe, travel, shop, basque in the sun.

Well, here's hoping 26 will be the year I make my dreams ( at least some of them) come true

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  1. I feel the same way year after year like everyone is doing amazing things and I am just stuck in a rut. This year I am going to change things up and its terrifying! I got back in school and I'm moving across the country. I refused to let 27 be another year gone by. I have no clue what my destiny is either but something had to change! You can totally make it happen :)