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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

mid week assessment

Half way through the week now... lets have a look back and see what Ive accomplished thus far...

hmmm.... I updated my etsy account

I exchanged a dress from forever xxi, and got a skirt and blouse instead; i traded in some empty containers at MAC and got an eyeshadow.
I dyed my hair.

Ive thought about doing laundry... but haven't yet... i desperately need to though, I'm running out of clean knickers

I bought some groceries; returned a pursue I decided was much to heavy by itself, let alone with all my shit in it!

Ive had a bath! A delicious, luscious bath.

I don't think I've actually done that much this week...
Oh summer, you are fading fast and I'm not getting things done! I'm just day dreaming about all the lovely things I want to be doing or places I want to be going...but here I remain, in Edmonton... horrible, boring Edmonton.

Okay, Ive got one, maybe two months of summer left. Its time to get crackin! Time to bring these damn day dreams to life! Even if that means going on vacation alone! And much less shopping and much more saving for future endeavors! And geez louise, I need to book a tattoo appointment!

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