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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long weekend shanagins

here's my weekend recap:

Friday: got home early and thus started to get ready for my night, which was to consists of a book club meeting... at Devlin's. I slipped on my favorite dress and a new pair of heels, which would turn out to be horribly uncomfortable,however look really good. Off to Devlin's I trotted, and found my two gal pals waiting for me on the oh so fabulous Patio. After one martini outside, it started to storm, so we brought the party inside, where we enjoyed several more 3oz martinis and discussed literature, boys, sex, and the like. A few hours later, we decided it was time to get some cheap drinks, so off we stumbled to Filthys, a few feet away.
The bar was rather on the empty side for a Friday and those patrons who were there where of the male... and rather icky, persuasion. None the less we has a few shots... don't ask me what of... and a few cocktails before we decided it was time to leave. So off we went to Squires, much, much more drunk than only an hour before. Same situation here, the bar was occupied mostly by males. I decided it was a good idea to order more shots, and more shots we had!! We then found the photo booth that was in the bar, and we piled in, and took various drunken shots, which turned out quite pleasantly. After Squires, we were two, instead of three, as dear Stephanie could no longer walk or function properly, so in a cab she went, and sped home...
Amber and I, then went to Lucky 13, as Amber was in the mood for dancing. Well, I must say, we were of the oldest, and best dressed there. The numerous 18 year olds wearing tiny, tiny clothes over took our class and grown up attire. I'm certain the dress I was wearing cost as much as one of them made in two weeks...thank goodness, no drinks were split on us. Eventually we decided it was time to go home... I think around 1....? We stumbled home, and went in our separate directions.

Saturday: I woke up, as one might expect... hungover... however not as hungover as I had anticipated! As I had a big date planned for that afternoon/evening, I lounged around for a bit, then had a fantastic shower in which I cleaned and scrubbed and made my skin oh so nice. I then took my time getting ready... approx 3 hours... and then the buzzer rang and up came my date, with roses in hand... very pretty roses in fact... they were orange!
Then off we went to the Art Gallery. This is the first time Ive been... ever, not even since they renovated it. The exhibits were satisfactory, but it was rather on the short side... it took maybe an hour and a half to do all three floors....My date, then took me to Padmanadi's, for some delectable vegan delights. After that, we went back to his place, where he surprised me yet again, with cupcakes. Oh how I love cupcakes!! We then watched a film, yadda yadda yadda... use your imagination....

Sunday: A rather boring day, I must say. I lazed around in my underthings... tidied up... make some hair clips and headbands... took pictures of jewelry to put on etsy... made some shitty dinner... had a shower... rented some films... watched said films... then much later went to my friend's house, to watch yet another film....cuddle... sleep

Monday: No work today! It was a holiday... heritage day? I think that's it... Anyway.... I met my friend Stephanie for some eats... we went to the Artisan Bakery... where everyone working seemed to be on the slow side, and it was a somewhat disappointing experience. We then strolled down Whyte ave, where I purchased a Parasol from Rowena, got drinks from Starbucks... stopped in a few more shops, tried to go to Flirt cupcakes, but they were closed, so had to go to Fuss, which is not as good. We then parted our ways, and went home. I decided I needed to get some groceries, and so, I did. I then made dinner with said groceries, watched a film and went to bed very early, where I proceeded to have very strange dreams all night.

This brings us to today... Tuesday....its a bit cloudy now, but promises to get better... and I have no plans for this evening, or this afternoon. I shall try to find some work to do at my office... or update my esty store...

Well, my dears.... Enjoy your short work week!

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