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Friday, August 20, 2010

My not very datey date

Like mentioned, I had a date yesterday... which turned out to not so much be a date, rather....well, ill just recount it to you...

I was supose to go over, originally around 7, then it was 7:30, and finally he called and said he was running super behind and to just come at 8. Okay, whatever, that just gave me more time to do my hair... but still, it doesn't make me feel very high priority.
Also, as a side note, Ive known this person for quite some time already.

So I go over for 8. Its very casual. No telling me how nice I look, etc. I am some what awkward. My date has consumed a fair bit of pot... boy, does he know how to make a gal feel special. Well, he did make dinner, which was nice. We were suppose to go see a play at the Fringe.... this did not occur, as my oh so lovely date decided it was important to smoke a shit load more... and as I sat and watched, the effects of second hand smoke in a not large room, with no open windows, got to me. For the record, I don't do drugs... nope, don't even smoke pot.... or cigarettes for that matter.... i just like me a nice, strong drink....

Well, there was no play... and my date straight out told me, he was debating on weather going to a play or sleeping with me... well, neither happened, cause I just went home.

It was a strange date, I must admit. Nice that I had dinner made for me.... but that's about it.
I don't suppose dates with such complete opposites usually turn out that great. Although, I have told myself I'm going to step outside my box, date people who I normally wouldn't, because I have some foolish idea of the perfect guy in my head. My last relationship taught me that the maybe my "dream" guy isn't so dreamy after all; my ex was everything I ever wanted and turned out to be the worst person I have ever met. And as such, I am going to date people who are not exactly what I'm looking for. Then we will see what happens

It is Friday today, and we all know how I feel about Friday! I have a girly date at Duchess Bakery after work, which I have been looking forward to intensely. After that, I'm not so sure what will pursue... some drinking perhaps...?

enjoy your weekend



  1. I am completely unimpressed with the guy you went on a date with. He told you he was debating whether to take you to a play or sleep with you, -and- he spent the entire date smoking a lot of weed? That is ridiculous. If you're not pissed, I'm pissed for you! I hope it all gets better for you, love. You deserve a guy that's just as special as you are!

  2. yah haha, i was not very impressed either. Needless to say, I will not be going on a date with him again!

    oh tara, we should just date each other!

  3. Good! I would not be supportive of you going on another date with him! Haha.

    We should, how much easier would that be!