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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Again with the boy confusion

Its already Tuesday, so I should probably tell you about my weekend.

Friday night some girlfriends and I went down to Dutchess Bakery, on 124st, and had delicious sweets and treats. I highly recommend everyone goes there! Afterwards, I got dolled up and went Devlen's and had fabulous martinis which then caused me to be drunk. My friends were heading home, so I hoped into a cab to go to Hoolaginz, to meet a very cute boy indeed! Luckily, he was also very drunk, and thus I did not look silly at all. I don't think we stayed for very long... but it was fun. We went back to his place, for cuddles... for real though, just cuddles. I met his cute as fuck dog, who cuddled in the morning. We lazed around for a few short hours, and he then drove me home. Now, here is the confusing part... he told me multiple times how cute I was and pretty, etc. He even asked me like 5 times if I wanted to hang out later, which I said I would. Well, later came, and he cancelled cause he wanted to hang out with some friends... understandable, and that not the confusing part...He tells me he doesn't think we will get along :( cause I told him I didn't like his job.... confusing, yes, like most boys. I mean, if you don't like me, than you can just straight up tell me.... but how am I actually so suppose to know if that's the case or not....? Well, I can only wait and see.

Damn boys, always making me like them!

Saturday, was very low key. I went to the craft store for, you guessed it.... craft supplies! I had a bath. Watched telly. And went to bed early, cause I couldn't stay up any longer.

Sunday, as I was not hungover, was a much better day. I braved the mall. Oh, how I hate the mall. But I managed to push through the crowd of idiots and find myself a cute little dress. Then off home I went, and later to the grocery store.

Not very exciting, I know. But what can a gal do, when she lives in a shitty little town, surrounded by a lot of shitty people?

On the bright side... I finally got the window in my truck fixed!! Oh and how beautiful it looks! I want to take pictures of it!!

Tonight I'm going to the Business... which will be interesting, as the one person I hate most in the world will be there.... being an old drunken asshole, as usual.

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