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Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Game Plan

Guess what today is? I'm sure you know... its Friday. Oh glorious Friday. But I don't have any plans for tonight!! I had best get on that! This girl ain't stayin in tonight, not if I can help it!

Nothing new or exciting to report.
But here is what is to be expected in the next few days....

Sex toy party tomorrow... perhaps, yes. Ive been wanting to have one myself for quite some time now, but just going to one will have to do the trick. I am single you know! And single gals have needs to!!

On Sunday, Im hosting not only out book club meeting, but even bigger and better... a Tupperware party!! That's right! At which, I plan on making delicious bloody mary's. Oh, my favorite! Well, one of favorites anyway!

So, yes it seems like its going to be a fun filled weekend, so long as I find myself some entertainment for tonight!

I wish you all as successful a weekend as mine looks to be ;)


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