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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miss Lemon needs some lemonade

Miss Lemon has had a rather dull week... my oh my. Whats a poor little lemon to do?
No dates... well, I had an Ikea date, with a strong man planned... but was kind of stood up. No vodka. No bar. No gigs. No fun!

hmmm... shall we look on the bright and sunny side?.... nope, nothing there either!!

well, there are a few updates to be shared...

Some of you may know that one of the back windows in my truck has been broken for some time ( maybe 9 months...). A certain dickhead ex of mine kept saying he was going to get it fixed, but that was about as true as " I never cheated on you!". Well, this Saturday Miss Lemon is finally getting that little window fixed. And there goes 250 bucks out the window.... tee hee

Also... Miss Lemon is going a boot camp. Indeed, you heard right! Time to get this booty in shape! I am quite looking forward to it, actually. Some good ol' quality time with a bunch of sweaty girls I don't know!

And the best of all...?.....
Miss Lemon is heading to Montreal! I have never been, and what with the long weekend coming up and a rockabilly festival, there seems no better time to go.

And so, this girl is a broke little lemon once again. I refuse to touch my tattoo money! And so, laundry will have to wait. And food will have to be rationed! But its all in the name of adventure! and dancing! and drinking! and maybe even shopping!

Ah, yes, on a final note. I have updated my esty shop: Lolita Lemon ( original, I know...)

so please do have a look for yourself. Don't judge too harshly on the photography. I tried, and its tedious. But i looks decent, I think.

Did you also know, you can find Lolita Lemon at such fabulous establishments as:
The Junque Cellar
Robes and Relics
and best of all, Rowena http://www.facebook.com/Rowenaedmonton

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