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Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday Occurances

Thursday night proved to the most exciting day of the week for Miss Lemon, thus far. What with a trip to Ikea to finally get that damned shelf, Ive been dreaming of for ages, how could it not be a good evening?!

My lovely friend Miss Lindsay M, helped me carry my new book shelf into my apartment, which I know I could have not done by myself, no not at all!

In the meantime... we procured some Famoso pizza, films, and lovely energy drinks, one of which exploded in my pursue some how....? It was funny at the time... but now Im not so impressed....

Back at my humble adobe... we had our delicious pizza and watched "Kick Ass", which was not quite what I expected. It was funny at first, but took some odd turns, what with all the merciless killing, beating, and being burnt to death....
Then came the assembling of said shelf, which was not hard at all. And looks fantastic, almost completing my living room!

Then it was time for me to drive my lovely friend home. I decided it was a good idea, at midnight, to wash my hair...? and cut my bangs....? well, my hair is silky soft this morning, and my fringe are looking somewhat straight...

Either way, I am one tired little lemon. The rain and gloom are only adding to my tired and hopeless manor today.

Dear Friday, please do make 4 o'clock come quickly, as my dreary office, only makes life feel even more lonesome and gloomy

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